BLOCKHOT - Herstory

Blockshot, Bandfoto


Alva_ Guitar & Vocals
Natascha_ Bass
Fatzo_ Keys & Vocals
Mel_ Drums

In April 2007 we played our debut gig and have since released a 7"/CD-EP entitled Polyglamorous and an album called After the Beep on F-Spin. Influenced by early Riot-Grrrls as Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill we try and merge the old school fierce attitude of such bands with the more quirky and innovative pop history written by bands such as Sonic Youth or Fugazi, adding a keyboard that sounds at times sinister at times nerdy to a classic rock line-up.

Essentially Post-Riot-Grrrl we feel a strong committment to the scene with some of us being involved in all sorts of socio-cultural/socio-politcal projects ranging from putting on gigs, doing zines, Ladyfest or feminist direct action, which is also refelcted in our lyrics and has earned us support spots for such great bands as Jenny Hoyston's Paradise Island, Rhythm King and Her Friends, Quasi, Kaia Wilson and Partyline.

So far we've toured some parts of Europe with gigs in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Belgium, UK, Ireland and the Czech Republic, SE Asia with gigs in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and will soon head to the West Coast of the US. This experience left us hungry for more thus we'd be very pleased to play some international stages again.